Buying From Online Diamond Retailers

Purchasing diamonds online has many advantages that, for most people, greatly outweigh the disadvantages. When purchasing from a reliable retailer, you'll have access to the diamonds' certification, allowing you to understand exactly what diamond you're buying before you even see it.

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GIA certification includes every aspect of the diamond from the color, shape, and size, to the diamond quality. In addition, purchasing from online diamond retailers is usually less expensive and grants you access to a much larger selection since you are no longer limited by your physical location.

While there are risks involved, as long as you make sure to buy from a reputable and reliable diamond retailer who provides a full money-back guarantee in the event of any problem, you're good to go!

What to Look For

When searching for a diamond retailer, there are a few things you should look for:

1. Quality assurance or your money back

2. Clear answers to all of your questions and concerns

3. Proper certification for your diamond

4. Reputable and well-respected retailer

5. High-quality service

Do Your Research

There are quite a few diamond retailers online, so you'll have to do a bit of work to see which one are the best fit for your needs. Start with a simple search online and make a list of possible retailers. Visit their websites and take a look at their prices and products to get a better idea of what they're offering. Don't forget to see what their refund policies are and if they work with any reputable companies and jewelers you may call for a reference.

The online diamond retailers should also mention what kind of certification they provide with their diamonds. The most common diamond grading certificates are GIA and AGS which are from the most reputable certification systems and labs in the US and the world and can be relied upon.

Next, see which retailers have clear contact details on their website. Don't just rely on a "contact page" simply being there - send them a message with what you're looking for and see how long it takes them to get back to you, or, if they have a phone number, simply call. You want to find someone who will answer any question you may have about the diamond you want to purchase and you want them to answer in a timely manner.

Before Purchasing

Make sure that the retailer you've chosen uses insured shipping or their own delivery company to send you the diamond or diamonds you purchased. If they don't state this clearly on their website or in their correspondences with you, you might risk losing the diamond in the post and the money you paid for it.

Some retailers automatically insure all of their shipments, while others inform their customers that this service is provided at an extra cost. Get all of the details in writing before committing to anything and be clear on the refund policies in case the diamond get is not what you were expecting.

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