Why Buying GIA Certified Diamonds is Crucial?

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond?

The difference is simply in the legal paperwork that comes with the diamond. It is a way to have peace of mind when purchasing diamonds and to have its resale and insurance value. An uncertified diamond does not have any official paperwork to prove its quality and is usually sold for less, but you will never know exactly what you're buying without knowing it's quality and grade. Today, most dealers will only sell and buy certified diamonds.

How are diamonds certified?

Certified diamonds go through a very thorough inspection, usually in a lab that is independent from the company or entity that sells them. Gemologists analyze the diamond under a microscope and establish its grade and quality. A diamond's certificate will include the information about dimensions, clarity, color, symmetry and even polish of the diamond, in addition to several other characteristics.

What does it mean when a diamond is GIA certified?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America, one of the oldest and the most respected independent laboratories in the world. GIA is a non-profit organization and is not owned or partially owned by any company or entity that deals in diamonds, making its certificates very reliable and trustworthy.

GIA even developed what is universally known today as the "4 Cs" grading system for diamonds. A GIA grading report is very detailed and includes, among other things:

  • the shape,

  • measurements,

  • carat weight,

  • depth,

  • thickness,

  • size,

  • color,

  • and even fluorescence grade.

Why is a GIA certificate so important?

When buying diamonds, or even just one diamond for personal use, you should only buy those that come with reliable certificates. To be more precise, you should only buy GIA certified diamonds. Here's why:

You know what you're getting

With a reliable certificate of grade and quality, especially one as detailed as the one GIA provide, you can be sure that you're not over paying for your diamond. You'll know exactly what it is worth and what you're buying.

Reliable lab

The GIA organization is completely objective as it is a non-profit organization that is not owned by any diamond-related entity. This means that the certificate and report you're getting is entirely unbiased. In addition, GIA is reputable for its advanced facilities and experienced gemologists.

Online purchases

Buying online is a problem - you have to rely on photos that will never provide the detail and information that your own eyes do. When it comes to certified diamonds, however, this changes completely.

Being able to see a diamond's certificate online means you get every single "gem" of information related to your diamond, from its measurements, color and shine, to its grade, quality and worth.

At Moti Israeli Diamonds, you can find all of the information you need in the GIA certification which we provide for each diamond, giving you the opportunity to purchase GIA certified diamonds at wholesale prices.

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