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Moti Israeli and his team are situated in the heart of the Israel Diamond Bourse. A second-generation family, friendly business that understands the needs of diamond buyers whether they are retail organisations, investors or collectors. They have cut and polished diamonds to the highest standards for long-standing clients worldwide as well finding the best stones available for any criteria.

They are large enough to have the power to buy flawlessly yet small enough to be versatile for your own individual requirements.  After nearly forty years in the business, Moti Israeli Diamonds consulting team will exercise their experience to solve the all too well known buying problems and turn this dilemma into your own personal pleasant surprise.

At present, the diamond buyer can view and choose a vast array of stones available worldwide. Is this really an advantage to the modern diamond purchaser? Does he really know what he is buying? The experienced buyer knows the vast difference between seeing and handling a stone and looking at a certificate or photograph. Such large on-line stocks make physically viewing a diamond almost impossible and probably the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Many diamonds never reach on-line stock lists they have no need, they will find a home beforehand but we can make their home your company’s address.

Our business consulting service is to keep our customers happy and understanding their needs. A client’s request is a challenge that we consider our own. The thought and care that we put into this has meant our international family of customers constantly grows.

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