How to Buy an Engagement Ring or a Diamond Ring?


An engagement ring has a sentimental value.

This is a matter of tradition and a symbol of the couple's love and the beginning of their common and long-term relationship. This is in fact your business card.

Therefore, it is important that the ring shall represent you respectfully. An engagement ring is not just "another product" you happen to buy. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this matter.

Even if your fiancée does not wear diamonds and is not excited from diamond jewelry, this does not mean that you don't need to buy a qualitative ring. I am sure that she shall treat her engagement ring differently.

Today, the average size for buying a diamond is one that weighs of 0.45 carat, and its average price ranges between USD1,500-USD2,000. This pertains to a qualitative diamond with a GIA certificate.

The estimation of the value of the diamond can only be done when it is not set in the jewel. Afterwards it is more difficult to estimate its value. When the jewel has a diamond that weighs 0.3 carat or more, most of the times there is a gemological certificate that is attached to it. This certificate is provided by an authorized gemological institute that determines the different parameters of the stone.

There are a lot of costs and investments in the transformation of the diamonds from a raw material into a final jewel, and this transformation course includes many parties, and therefore there is a very large brokerage gap.
What do you need to pay attention to in the examination of the diamond?

    The color of the diamond from D- very white to Z - very yellow.
    The shine of the diamond that is a function of the polishing work, the quality of the rock, and the manner in which it is polished.

How do you make the diamond appear to be bigger?
You set the diamond when it is surrounded by white gold, and to this you add rhodium which is a member of the platinum family. This gives the gold a shinier look that adds light to the diamond and creates an effect of a bigger diamond.
Another method is:
You surround the diamond, with little stones. This combination creates the effect of a larger diamond. The vast majority of consumers aren't aware the importance a professional setting of the diamond has on the final result and on the price of the jewel accordingly.
A good setting improves the effect of good diamonds. A bad setting can decrease the value of the jewel by hundreds of dollars. The Israeli diamond setters have a worldly good reputation.
Why is it important to see the diamond outside of the jewel?

You can't determine the weight, the color and the cleanness of the diamond when it is set in the jewel, because then part of it is hidden, and usually the defects in the diamond may be in this hidden part, and you can't see them unless the diamond is loose and standing by itself.

In addition, the weight of the set diamond may not match the weight in the certificate.
The quality and price of the diamond are determined by 4 criteria:




    and Carat.

The most important factor in the diamond is the CUT that includes accurate polishing angles, exact symmetry and a perfect polish. The quality work causes the diamond to reflect a maximum amount of light, and this gives the diamond its shine and its beauty. Sometimes, a yellowish diamond that is mediocrely cleaned and perfectly polished looks better in the jewel than a white diamond that was poorly polished.

Buy the unset diamond and then choose the ring in which it shall be set. When the diamond is set in the ring, you can't see its true colors, its defects, and the work that was performed on it. Therefore, you need to see the diamond outside of the ring.

Only buy a diamond that has a GIA certificate – ask for a copy of the certificate before you buy the jewel. A diamond with a GIA certificate is the real deal that gives the diamond its price and keeps it so for a long time. In every other laboratory, the diamond is worth much less.

Compare the number engraved on the side of the diamond to its number in the GIA certificate. You can only do this with a microscope.

In the world there are a number of price lists for diamonds that most of them are based on the:

    The shape of the Diamond,

    The Weight of the Diamond,

    The Color of the Diamond,

    The Clarity of the Diamond.

What is a Gemological Laboratory?

The gemological laboratory deals with the examination and grading of diamonds, gems and jewelry with optic and electro-optic equipment and with innovative scientific and analytical equipment. The gemological laboratory serves the manufacturers and traders in the industries of diamonds, gems and jewelry, and the storeowners.

It does so by giving professional information regarding the stones. The job of this laboratory is to identify and rank with the outmost objectivity gems and diamonds. Due to its responsiveness to the rules of the International Diamond Council, the gemological laboratory needs to act professionally, be impartial and maintain the rules of proper disclosure and professionalism at a high level.

The most important thing while buying a diamond jewel or an engagement ring with a diamond set in it is the gemological certificate that is attached to the jewel or to the engagement ring or to the diamond.

The gemological certificate is the diamond's identification card and according to what is mentioned in the card, and according to its type, the diamond is evaluated.
There are dozens of gemological institutes that issue diamond certificates, but the institute that is considered the most trustworthy and the most commercialized is the G.I.A. - the Gemological Institute of America.

Remember: There are no bargains in diamonds.
A low price = a cheap diamond.

In Conclusion:

Buying a diamond jewel at the right price is not easy. We recommend to you to consult with an expert with all that pertains to buying online diamonds,
we wish you good luck and success.

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