Where to buy loose diamonds


Loose diamonds can easily be found by searching for them on online when looking for diamond wholesalers or jewelry shops.

Before discussing where to buy loose diamonds I would like to mention that a loose diamond is the most important and expansive part of your diamond engagement ring. The diamond is not only the most expensive part of the ring, but is also what determines the overall beauty of the ring. A properly cut diamond is going to have beauty and brilliance that will be seen all around you.

Loose diamonds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and clarities. Most importantly, not all loose diamonds are the same or equal. Depending on the precision of the diamond’s cut, some diamonds may look beautiful and brilliant, while others may seem lifeless. The shape, size, color, clarity, of the loose diamond has an effect on the price you will have to pay for it.
Loose diamonds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and clarities

How to purchase a loose diamond?

By purchasing the diamond loose, you are enabling to choose the diamond that is best suited for your exact budget, as well as size, color, and clarity. Usually, when a diamond store puts together a diamond ring to sell, they will match it to a certain standard for the diamond specifications. Their objective is usually to piece together a diamond ring that will seduce the clients, while allowing them the highest possible profit on the sale. However, when you select your own loose diamond, you will find that you can actually save quite a bit of money and while getting a stunning diamond. This can be accomplished by selecting a diamond with a very good or excellent make, which will make it exceptionally brilliant regardless of its size, color and clarity.
When purchasing a loose diamond, people usually believe that they are only available to set it in a pre-determined setting. However, a lot of rings are available in jewelry stores in a pre-set design, and only a few people know that it is possible to buy a loose diamond, and then choose a setting that is more suited to their preference. There are benefits to both; however designing a ring yourself has the advantage of getting you a piece of diamond jewelry that is completely unique to you.

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Loose diamonds give you more flexibility over how you want the diamond to be presented; however, the process that needs to happen in order to reach the finished product can be time consuming. Pre-set rings are often more convenient, and pre-set engagement rings are a great option for proposing. However, with pre-set diamond rings you can never assess the flaws, as they can be disguised within the setting.

Evaluation by diamond expert

Evaluating a loose diamond to its precision, quality and beauty, is best accomplished in its un-mounted state. When the diamond is loose it can be evaluated by a qualified independent diamond expert using the latest diamond grading tools. The diamond can be inspected from every angle to make certain that it is indeed a diamond of the quality and beauty that you want. This is something that cannot be done with the same degree of effectiveness once the diamond has been set in the ring.

Evaluation by diamond expert 
If you want to see the beauty of a diamond, loose diamonds would be best suited for your needs. Loose diamonds enable you to see the true reflection of the diamond’s quality before it is applied to the setting. It also gives you more control over the amount you want to spend, often even allowing you to dedicate more of your budget to the diamond. Once you have chosen a diamond, you can set it in a simple classic ring and then show it to your partner to design the final setting. This not only allows you to have an impeccable ring, but also gives it a sentimental value.

Buying loose diamonds online from diamond dealers

Before you purchase your loose diamonds, speak to a diamond dealer or do your research for an online wholesaler. Online diamond dealers can be a great place to find your diamonds. Without the overhead and pressure of a traditional jeweler, you will notice several differences in price and quality.
Furthermore, not all jewelers will tell you the truth. Some will convince you to buy the best diamond from them. By going in with the idea that you want to purchase loose diamonds, you are less likely to be swayed into purchasing something that you do not want and you are more likely to get an honest answer from the jeweler so that you purchase the final product - the diamond and the ring, from them.
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Why wholesale loose diamonds ?

It is important that you know how to locate wholesale diamonds online. Searching for wholesale diamonds will get you more results than you probably care to look at, even though shopping from home makes it much more comfortable and convenient. You can narrow your search by specifying the types of diamonds you are looking for by using one or more of the four C’s. If you want small or a big diamond, you can search specifically for that, and not be bothered with the many other results a more generic search will provide. Wholesale loose
diamonds are definitely a smart move when looking to purchase loose diamonds on the internet

When you are starting to shop for diamond jewelry, it can quickly become exhausting. If you find yourself in this not too pleasant situation, the first step that you should take is to buy one of the many available loose diamonds. There are several benefits of making your choice from a selection of loose diamonds that go beyond struggling to find the right ring from a group of preset rings. The first benefit of loose diamonds is that you get to see the entire diamond.

Buy diamond and the ring apart

You also get to see the diamond in a variety of settings. For most men who want to pick exactly the right ring, this is the biggest benefit. The diamond and ring don’t have to be purchased together. A person can first find the ring that he likes and then later determine the size of stone that he is able to purchase. Or, he can find the perfect stone and later choose from a number of different settings to find exactly the right ring.
Buy diamond and the ring apart
Most stores have certain standards for their stones and while that is important, it can limit you on the size, color, or clarity of the diamonds from which you can choose. These jewelry stores are often going to carry rings that are at the higher end of your budget.
Many jewelers and loose diamond dealers will confirm that high quality diamonds are not always the best choice. It is a pity to pay a high price for flawless diamonds, when the color and the cut will give you best value for your money,
Flawless diamonds will not always give you the look you desire for your ring or another piece of jewelry.

So where is the best place to buy loose diamonds? 

That depends on whether or not you have time to learn about loose diamonds and search for a reliable diamond
wholesaler that is a member of one of the famous diamond exchanges in the world. Do not forget to ask for a
loose diamond with laser inscription on the girdle of the stone suited with the same number as its GIA certificate.

*For further questions about buying loose diamonds, please see our loose diamonds inventory or send us your query and we will offer you the exact diamonds your are looking for at competitive prices. 

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