How does the shape of the diamond influence its price?

How does the shape of the diamond influence its price?
When you intend to buy a diamond ring or another diamond jewel, you may discover that the price of the diamond changes according to the characteristics of the diamond. Sometimes it changes so much, that a diamond jewel, which is embedded with a large diamond that is of a lesser quality, will be sold at a cheaper price than diamond jewels that the diamonds that are embedded in them are smaller but of a higher quality.
The price of the diamond is determined by different variables that refer to its quality, like the four Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight). The price of the diamond is also influenced by its shape and by the quality of its polishing, because this shows us how much of the diamond's raw material was lost in the polishing. How does the shape of the diamond influence its price and how do these differences influence the prices of the diamonds that are presented in the jewelry stores?
The first thing that is important to know- how do you choose a diamond at a price that is 25% less than what you expected to pay for the diamond

The most common shape for cutting a diamond is the round shape, which is also called a brilliant cut. In this form of cutting, about 58 facets in the diamond serve as tiny prisms that supply a unique and spectacular shine for every diamond that is embedded in an engagement ring, as well as in diamond earrings and in every other jewel in which, the typical glitter plays an important role in the diamond you will choose. It is important that you know that diamonds in other shapes, which are called fancy, are 25% cheaper than the round-shaped diamond. The other forms of cutting are the oval (elliptic) cut, the square cut (called princess), the heart-shaped diamond and the cushion-shaped diamond. If you purchase a diamond from the large variety of diamonds that belong to the fancy family, you can buy a large, shining and exquisite diamond for a much cheaper price.
The proportions are the most important thing- a perfect glitter and an incomparable look
Sometimes, the answer to the question how you choose a diamond is an intuitive one. The connection to the diamond derives from its allure, which not only reflects our personal preferences, but also the identification of the right proportions of the diamond. And in fact, in every shape of a diamond it is important to pay attention to the exact proportions between the length and the width of the diamond, as well as to the sizes of the facets and to the form of the cutting that will allow the reflection of the outmost bright light and shining according to the characteristics of the diamond. These are matters that the diamond polishers are highly meticulous about them, even when it comes to the smallest details- and these matters influence the quality of the diamond, and therefore they also influence its price.

The indexes of quality and determining the price of the diamond
Diamonds are a natural treasure, and there are no two identical diamonds in the world. If the diamond you choose is larger and of a higher quality, then it will be rarer, and it will receive a higher price according to its characteristics, according to the gemological certificate that was provided for it, and according to its shape, its clarity and etc. Only diamantaires and professional jewelry shops that supply a known gemological certificate will offer you fair prices for jewels that are embedded with diamonds that their quality is clear and undoubted.    

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