Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are a lifelong investment, a unique jewel with a high price.

We invite you to read the guide, to learn the professional language, types of diamonds, how to measure the quality of the diamond and how to choose the diamond that best suits you taste and pocket,

Pear shape and Round cut diamonds

How does the shape of the diamond influence its price?

How does the shape of the diamond influence its price? When you intend to buy a diamond ring or another diamond jewel, you may discover that the price of the diamond changes according to the characteristics of the diamond. Sometimes it changes so much, that a diamond jewel, which is embedded with a large diamond that is of a lesser quality, will be sold at a cheaper price than diamond jewels that the diamonds that are embedded in them are smaller but of a higher quality. Read More »

A guide for buying a polished diamond

At least once in life, when the time comes to buy a diamond engagement ring, when you start entering a few jewelry stores or go on to diamond websites, only then you realize that it is not easy at all. Read More »

Why to buy an engagement rings from Moti Israeli Diamonds?

One of the positive and convenient things that technology entered into our lives is the websites where you can buy diamonds and diamond jewelries. Why is it actually worthwhile to buy diamonds and engagement rings through the internet, and why did this become more and more popular? What causes many people to choose to buy through the internet is the low prices. The prices in the internet are cheaper because in the internet you can save the brokerage commissions. Read More »

Buying From Online Diamond Retailers

Purchasing diamonds online has many advantages that, for most people, greatly outweigh the disadvantages. When purchasing from a reliable retailer, you'll have access to the diamonds' certification, allowing you to understand exactly what diamond you're buying before you even see it. Read More »
Determine Diamond Prices

3 Reliable Ways to Determine Diamond Prices

Whether you are looking to sell or purchase a diamond, you may find yourself in need of determining what a diamond's fair price is. While this can depend on many changing factors, such as the market, country, whether it's being sold alone or in wholesale, etc, there are three reliable ways to determine a ballpark price. Read More »
The use of diamond certificates

Diamond Certificates

The use of diamond certificates has become commonplace today for consumers whereas in the past they were almost exclusively used within the trade. A certificate states the grading of a particular diamond as tested by the diamond laboratory that issues it. Read More »

Why Buying GIA Certified Diamonds is Crucial?

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified diamond? How are diamonds certified? What does it mean when a diamond is GIA certified? Why is a GIA certificate so important? You know what you're getting.. Read More »

How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are simply diamonds that are not yet part of a piece of jewelry. While most people buy ready-made diamond jewelry, many prefer to select loose diamonds specific to their needs and preferences and then have them inserted into certain pieces of jewelry by a professional. Read More »

Diamond Buyers

Moti Israeli Diamonds will provide you with that special diamond you want to but cannot find. Tell us what you are looking for and we will recommend a diamond that we have personally viewed and selected from many large collections. We have many years of experience, searching and successfully finding diamonds in every size, shape, cut and price for clients the world over. Our past is the key to your future, no more impossible deadlines, no more anxiety, no more doubt in making the correct decision. You can be confident that you have made the right choice. Read More »

How to Purchase a Diamond

A diamond is one of the most expensive items that you purchase in the course of your life. In addition, since there is an entire body of knowledge behind this matter, which is apparently unknown to a lot of the consumers, I therefore collected some basic explanations and advices that may assist you when buying a real diamond without experiencing an anguish accompanied by a considerable fiscal loss. Read More »

Understanding Diamond Prices

Before you purchase a diamond, it is important to understand exactly how diamonds are priced. There are a number of factors that influence a diamond's price and once you are familiar with them, you will be able to get a general idea of what a "good price" for a certain diamond really is. Read More »

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