Diamond Certificates

The use of diamond certificates has become commonplace today for consumers whereas in the past they were almost exclusively used within the trade. A certificate states the grading of a particular diamond as tested by the diamond laboratory that issues it.

Different diamond labs have different criteria for grading and classifying gemstones. There are many of these laboratories worldwide and virtually every country that trades in diamonds will have at least one internationally recognised gem testing facility.

GIA certification

Perhaps the most famous is the certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of America commonly known as the GIA. They have several laboratories and research centres; their grading system, uniform criteria and unbiased opinion is accepted throughout the industry.

HRD certificate

Equally well known in the trade and certainly as reputable is the HRD Certificate issued in Belgium by the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (in English, The Diamond High Council). The diamond lab of HRD Antwerp founded in 1976 is the largest diamond lab in the world to conform to the rules for grading polished diamonds set by the International Diamond Council. These rules have been approved by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, the industry's two leading representative bodies.

AnchorCert diamond certification

In the UK, the Birmingham Assay Office set up a diamond laboratory under the name of AnchorCert. AnchorCert is the only UK based Diamond and Gemstone Certification Service which is backed by the professional expertise and experience of the Birmingham Assay Office.   AnchorCert Diamond and Gemstone Certifications are provided by highly qualified Gemmologists and Diamond Graders from its two UK locations based in Birmingham and London.

IGI diamond certification

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has now developed into the largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute renowned for its quality services, extensive experience and know-how. IGI, the oldest institute of its kind in Antwerp, was set up in 1975 and along with its sister laboratory in New York, is one of the leading gemological institutions in the world.

Today, a staff of just 3 has grown to over 250 professionals dedicated to a standard of excellence second to none in Antwerp, New York, Bangkok, Mumbai and Tokyo. Today IGI issues more than 400.000 reports a year. Thousands of jewelers, retail stores, insurance companies, internet sales organizations, catalogue companies (mail order), accounting and securities firms and consumers are relying on the IGI reports.

Moti Israeli and Israeli diamond industry

Moti Israeli your man on hand together with his team, have their finger on the pulse as to most available stones in the Israel Diamond Bourse. You are dealing with real people who have viewed every stone that is offered to you. Their expertise goes beyond a dry technical report or verbal description of a diamond.

The certificate is only half the story; our experts let you know the unknown and reveal the unrevealed. Making a decision between two diamond reports is as if reading a film script without watching the movie, choosing between two actual gemstones is the reality, which has no substitute.

As mentioned previously there are many labs issuing certificates and to list them all would serve no purpose, if you would like some information on a particular gemology laboratory, please contact us for more information.

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