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Moti Israeli Diamonds will provide you with that special diamond you want to but cannot find. Tell us what you are looking for and we will recommend a diamond that we have personally viewed and selected from many large collections. We have many years of experience, searching and successfully finding diamonds in every size, shape, cut and price for clients the world over.

Our past is the key to your future, no more impossible deadlines, no more anxiety, no more doubt in making the correct decision. You can be confident that you have made the right choice.

If you are an investor in diamonds, you will know that the scope and combination of carat size, clarity, cut and colour creates a vast range of available stones. If you know the specific category of investment diamond you are searching for, Moti Israeli Diamonds will find it for you comfortably at the best value for money. If you are not quite sure, we can offer you years of experience and knowledge in diamond buying trends.

Moti Israeli Diamonds, also has the fifth C that we call eCsperience. This has given us the understanding to be aware of price fluctuations at different times; your individual priority of the 4 C’s for your own particular needs, giving you maximum value for money with full customer satisfaction. Our network has given us the possibility to buy in larger quantities by consolidating orders and allowing for larger discounts.

Each of these are decisive factors in maximising your purchasing power and making sure that for whatever reason you are buying  a diamond you are guaranteed to receive the best value for money available.

For more information for diamond buyers, please read our diamond buying guide.

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