July 19, 2017
By Moti Israeli Diamonds

The Benefits of Buying Israeli Diamonds

The WFDB (World Federation of Diamond Bourses) was founded in 1947 as a way of providing a common set of trading practices and standards to diamond and precious stone bourses around the world. One of the largest and most popular diamond bourses in the world is the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. Diamond traders and dealers around the world purchase their diamonds and precious stones in Israel due to the many advantages and benefits of the Israeli bourse.

Technologically Advanced

When you buy Israeli diamonds, you're buying from one of the largest, most popular, and most technologically advanced diamond exchanges in the world. In general, Israel is known for being the "Startup Nation", a country filled with advanced technologies that find their way to public and private corporations around the world. This influences every large organization in the country, including the diamond exchange, providing you with a system that is highly secure, easy to use and navigate, and extremely advanced.


Strict Security


The Israel Diamond Exchange is located in Ramat Gan, taking up four high towers in the city. Strict security protocols cover all areas inside and around the building, including every entrance to each building, floor, and over a hundred offices.


Detailed Information


When it comes to buying diamonds, especially online, having easy access to every detail is crucial. Because the Israeli Diamond Exchange caters to diamond and precious stone buyers around the world, buyers can access invaluable information about the diamonds available, the bourse, including its history and policies, and even the names of leading Israeli diamond exporters, jewelers and traders. Diamonds with GIA certification provide potential buyers with detailed information about the diamonds, including size, grade, color, and more. Buyers can simply fill out a form indicating the type of diamond they're looking to buy and are shown diamonds relevant to their search with detailed information about each diamond.

GIA Certification

Israeli diamonds are known around the world for their reliability. Diamond traders in the Israeli Diamond Exchange sell diamonds with GIA certification from the Gemological Institute of America, one of the oldest and most respected independent laboratories in the world.

International Regulations

As part of the WFDB, the Israeli Diamond Exchange must abide by international trade rules. This includes the etiquette and conduct of all its members, employees, and partners as well as the execution of legal rulings in the event of any rule violations.


It's no wonder that over many people from around the world visit the Israeli Diamond Exchange every month to purchase Israeli diamonds for both personal and business use.

General Information About Israeli Diamonds

Israeli Diamonds as an industry has created one of the most important and largest diamond centers in the world. This is not only as a major polishing center but also as an international trading focal point for both rough and polished diamonds.

Its history starts at the turn of the century, passes through the British Mandate period, the Second World War, the War of Independence and several subsequent wars. Financially it has seen periods of crises in the wake of world economic turmoil and times of boom and expansion.  Its growth has been to override these crests and falls using its creative skill and technology in providing a combination of price and quality, attractive to the international market of diamond jewellery.

There are several organizations ranging from labour, merchant and manufacturers associations to institutes providing sophisticated technology. The government realizing the importance of the diamond industry to the economy has over the years taken an active role and ensured regular supply of rough, the efficient flow of imported and exported stones and a banking system that has allowed for the flexibility needed to accommodate the peculiarities of the trade.

It has encouraged a local diamond jewellery industry, the establishment of an impressive museum and an active tourist participation, all of which have helped in the promotion and expansion of Israel as an international diamond centre.

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