Hi Moti,
Ring received, and the young man proposed and his girl said yes!
Thank you for being a bi part of making two young people very happy!
The wedding will be in August, and they are very excited.
Thanks for your help and guidance as always
Peter Freedman AM


Peter Freedman

Hi Moti
We want to thank you for your excellent service
I like the diamond very much it is more than I expected.
Best regards

Ester Carolina

Hi Moti
Thank you, I did receive the shipment of the 1.58 carat diamond
With the GIA certificate and I’m very happy with this purchase.
I’m sure I will buy from you again in future.
Ralph Jefferson

Ralph Refferson

Dear Moti
I did receive the stone, it is a beautiful diamond
and I'm waiting to see it with the gold engagement ring.
Thank you.
David S. Martin

David S. Martin

I got the diamond and it is amazing.
Thank you very much for your help and professionalism on this.
We will certainly get in touch again in the future.
All the best,
William H

William Haddon

Dear Moti!
It was nice to meet you and I would like to thanks a lot again for your kind help!
I say good bye now and I hope we will meet again!
Best regards,

Andres Molnar

Dear Moti.
My wife fainted upon seeing the ring! Thanks again! :)
Best regards,

Attila Deak

Hi Moti,
Shipment arrived and I picked it up today.
Very nice stones!
Thank you for your continued assistance.
Best Regards
Peter Freedman 

Peter Freedman

Dear Moti
Just received it not to long ago….beautiful.  Thanks for all you help.  The diamond gets many compliments.

Mike Story

Hi Moti
The stone that I bought from you it's very good quality and much cheaper than other website stores that I did check.
Thanks again.
San Francisco

Eric Cohen

I received the diamond at Brinks office this morning.
It is a beautiful stone, Thanks
Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Dear Moti
I gave to my wife the diamond ring that you made for us, she do love it very much.
Thanks for your patient.
Miami Florida

David Miller

Hi Moti
I did receive today the stone, it's look much nicer  than I expected
Thank you very much.

Tomas Hunter

Hi Moti,

I have received the ring yesterday.

Thank you for sending the item promptly as requested.

Ring looks much better than my expectations, i can already imagine how happy Sun will be once I present the ring. Thank you for putting your hard work and effort.

I'll be looking to make another purchase around April next year for my mother's birthday, if you can still have more of me i would love to go back to you.

Thank you Moti.

Kind regards,



Hello Moti,
She likes very much the diamond pendant.
It is exactly what she wanted.
Thank you


Mihai Raceanu

Hi Moti,

I received the diamond from Peter today and I must say that its amazingly beautiful :)

I was stoked by how sparkly it is.
Thank you so much.

I will send you a photo and when I get it all set :)

Best regards

Sun Kyung Sunwoo

Dear Moti
It was nice to meet you to and a pleasure doing business with you , i appreciate your honesty and look forward to doing business again in the future

Dan Choen

Hi Moti,
I love it very much!  It is so beautiful! 
I hope to see you again, 
Peterborough CANADA

Olga Moshkin
Hi Moti,

Thank you, the diamonds arrived. 
Very nice!!!

Best regards 
Peter Freedman


Peter Freedman

Dear Moti
I just received the Diamonds
Very nice!
Thanks a Lot and hope to see you in basel
Best regards
Doriano Perucca

Doriano Perucca

Dear Moti, 

It was our pleasure to meet you. Thank you for everything. Sadly, the time was so short and we couldn't say goodbye properly, and forgot to take a picture with you. 


Anyway it was a very nice journey for both of us. The stone is lovely, you are great. Hope to see you again. 


 Best regards 



Mr.Joe Zhao

Hi Moti,

The stone is here!


Thank you very much.

I am sure we will do more business in the future.

My very best regards

Peter Freedman

Silverwater  AU

Peter Freedman

Hi Moti,  The journey back was fine. Thanks again for everything.  It was a pleasure to deal with you.  Best Regards,  Sebastien


Hi Moti I found your company via the I.D.I  list of wholesalers.  I was working with you and another member that also has retail outlets here in the states. The other group buys direct from the mine and cuts their own stones in Israel.   I appreciate the effort you put in to find me the right stone, you gave me lots of examples, responded fast, and was able to provide me what I was looking for at the right price - therefore - I bought from you! Mike Stolzman

Michael Stolzman

Hello Moti, I wanted to thank you again. The diamond looks great !!!   I just received it.  Mike.   Lake Forest,USA


Hi Moti
I just wanted to say thank you,the diamonds are beautiful.
Ruhl Ali
Monerary Consultant Limited

Ruhul Ali

Dear Moti,
Yes, we have received diamonds and we are very happy.
I really liked working with you. When we will buy another
diamond it will be from you again.
Happy New Year,
Beata and Aleksy Dobradin
Illinois, USA

Aleksey Dobradin

Hi Moti,
I took possession of the diamond today and just wanted to thank you again for your assistance. It looks perfect.
Best wishes,
A  R  I    J  E  N  S  H  E  L

Ari Jenshel

Hi Moti,
I called FedEx and have picked up the diamond.
I am very happy with my purchase and all the help
you have given me. Thanks once again and I will
not hesitate in using Moti again in the future.
Your service has been extraordinary.
Unit 88, 57 Ralph St
Alexandria NSW 2015
Thanks once again,

Kelly Marshal

Hello Moti,
I've taken the stone from Ferrari in Paris. Delivery was fine.
It is great size and color.
I'm happy to have it; it's been a pleasure to deal with you and
I thank you very much for your kindness and disponibility.

Very kindly

Gilles Benzaken

Hi Moti
I received; stone is perfect , thank you very much.Many Thanks and Mazal
Raphael Gutwirth ,Managing Director
Prestige Diamonds (uk) Ltd
Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8NX

Raphael Gutwirth

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