Why to buy an engagement rings from Moti Israeli Diamonds?

One of the positive and convenient things that technology entered into our lives is the websites where you can buy diamonds and diamond jewelries. 

Why is it actually worthwhile to buy diamonds and engagement rings through the internet, and why did this become more and more popular? 

What causes many people to choose to buy through the internet is the low prices. The prices in the internet are cheaper because in the internet you can save the brokerage commissions.

When you buy diamond jewelries at Moti Israeli Diamonds this money you save can sum up to a discount of 100% on the jewelries. 

What you should do to get an engagement ring from Moti Israeli Diamonds?

Instead of physically wandering between the jewelry stores:

  1. You can sits in your house or in your office.

  2. Search for some jewelers websites.

  3. Look at the pictures and filters them according the categories, such as an engagement rings with a center diamond, or designed     rings with small diamonds.

  4. Than Email me your jewelry choice for our price, and compare with the price that you already have.

Moti Israeli was originally the manufacturer of diamonds.

This is a veteran company that has been a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange for about 40 years, and in order to prepare the jewel or the engagement ring it is assisted by professional jewel manufacturers that their workshops are near the company's office in Israel.


Moti Israeli provides for every jewel with diamonds an American certificate of the world's most famous gemological institute, which is called GIA.

GIA gemological certificate assures a number of things:

  1. The first thing is that the diamond is real. The reason for this is because today, the jewelry stores sell handmade diamonds which are called laboratory diamonds. These laboratory diamonds are very similar to the real ones, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish between them and the real diamonds.

  2. Secondly, you need to check that the gemological certificate presents the different parameters of the diamond such as: weight, color, level of clarity, symmetry and polishing, which affect the reflection of the light from the diamond.

Thousands of customers from around the world are evidence as to the satisfaction from the service and the price they received from Moti Israeli Diamonds.

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