Diamond Exchanges

The world's diamond exchanges are private companies that include members who manufacture and trade natural diamonds.The members are accepted to this organization after 3 years of experience in the industry and after an honesty and reliability tests.Today there are 30 diamond exchanges affiliated with the World Federation of Diamonds called the WFDB.


Diamonds exchange

A unique and valuable commodity has created a forum for diamond buying and selling, this has evolved into various bourses around the world, each with an individual character yet all tied with a common purpose and set of trading principles. We present a short synopsis on some of the main bourses where trading is significant and include important relevant news items.
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Bharat Diamond Bourse

Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) is a service oriented non-profit making company registered in 1984. Its main objectives are: To establish a bourse for the promotion and export of diamonds from India and to provide for the infrastructure and other facilities for Indian and overseas buyers and sellers.
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New York Diamond Dealers Club

All good things start with extraordinary stories and here no less. Two diamond dealers were, as is often seen dealing on the street, a stone fell and was lost and with these few grams, the idea of a facility that was to become legendary was born. The stone was later found in the turn-up of the trousers of one of those dealers but it had done its job.
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World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Founded in 1947 as a body that would unite diamond exchanges under one roof, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) would come to provide a common set of trading practices for bourses trading in rough and polished diamonds, as well as coloured stones.
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Panama Diamond Exchange

The President of the Republic of Panama together with ministers and representatives from the diamond trade recently celebrated the launch of the Panama Gem & Jewellery Centre, a visionary commercial centre for the trade in the region that will house the Panama Diamond Exchange (PDE).
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Diamond Bourse, Club or Exchange

Regardless of their titles, there are about 30 of them worldwide each with their own exclusive membership.Some started in coffee shops, some as a centre for refugees and some just to prevent theft, but all of them protect the ethics and accepted business practices of the diamond trade including the famous 'mazel u'bracha' at the conclusion of a successful deal, regardless of the local spoken language.
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Antwerp Diamond Bourse

Antwerp diamond Bourse was Founded in 1904 by a few diamond merchants who wanted to move their diamond dealing from a small coffee shop in the Pelikaanstraat to a more secure place. The Antwerp Diamond Bourse is situated in a building sitting on several blocks stretching from the Pelikaanstraat to the Hovenierstraat. It is a host to a magnificent trading hall, evidence to the centuries of Antwerps’s trade in rough and polished diamonds the international diamond trade.
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Israel Diamond Exchange

The diamond industry is one of leading export industries in Israel, and the Israeli Diamond Exchange is the one of biggest and most important diamond trade centers in the world. Israel imports per year raw diamonds at a value of about 5 billion dollars- this amount is about 40% of the value of the raw diamonds that are produced in the world! The value of the Israeli export of diamonds is about 10 billion dollars per year, and 6 billion dollars out of that amount is in polished diamonds. The main export markets of Israel are the United States, Hong-Kong and Europe.  
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