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Diamonds are the world's most familiar gems, and they are expensive and unique. The purchase of diamonds by private people is mostly for jewelry, but it is also done as an investment. The diamond jewels are amongst the most prestigious and most beautiful jewels. The purchase of a diamond isn't a simple matter- diamonds are very expensive gems, and in order to receive a really beautiful jewel, it is important to choose a qualitative, clear and well-polished diamond- something which requires a professional understanding and of course a money investment that isn't small.

How Rare Are The Real Natural Diamonds

How rare are the diamonds? The jewelry industry advertises that diamonds are a rare mineral but no more so than the gold from which most expensive jewelry is made. Read More »

An Oval diamond engagement ring.

An Oval diamond engagement ring. When we talk about choosing an engagement ring we are talking about a real thought process, our initial instinct is to bring to our heart's choice and/or choice the best quality engagement ring. The rings market is considered one of the largest markets in the jewelry world, this time we will choose to focus on one of the natural choices of quite a few couples - an engagement ring based on an oval diamond. What are the types of diamond rings? Read More »

How can you tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake one?

How can you tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake one? The diamond is the rarest mineral in nature and the most difficult to mine. Read More »

The beauty of a brown natural diamond (champagne)

If you were looking for a luxurious, unique and unusual piece of diamond-studded jewelry at a reasonable price, a champagne diamond is the perfect choice that will allow you to enjoy a piece of jewelry on a different level and at a very reasonable investment. A natural champagne colored diamond - a perfect combination of beauty and luxury Read More »

All About Diamonds

We all know diamonds. We see them embedded in a wide variety of jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches - and of course, engagement rings and wedding rings. How do you buy diamonds, and where do you do it? What should you do if you are interested in purchasing a jewel set with diamonds? Moti Israeli Natural Diamonds gives you all the information. Read More »

Looking to buy a diamond in Israel?

If you've ever tried to learn more about diamonds and the worldwide diamond trade, you've most likely figured out quite quickly that there are several key locations associated with this intriguing field. We are referring to places where bulk quantities of ancient precious stones are traded. Israel is, to the dismay of some and joy of many, one of the most important places on earth, as far as the diamond trade is concerned. Read More »
Purchasing Diamonds and Diamonds Jewelries

Changes in diamond purchasing habits

Many times, the choice whether to purchase a jewel, and especially a diamond jewel like a diamond ring, diamond earrings or an engagement ring that is embedded with a diamond is an exciting and special choice that doesn’t happen in everyday life. If you are not sure that you have the tools in order to find a professional place to purchase jewels and diamonds of high quality, you may be asking yourselves- how will I know that I found the jewel that suits me, which will be of a high quality and at the right price?. Read More »

What are Blood Diamonds?

There are countries, mostly in Africa, which have many natural treasures, like diamonds; however the demographic, political and economic conditions in these countries have created a phenomenon in which the diamonds (and sometimes also other natural treasures) are mined under conditions of coercion, while risking the safety and even the lives of the miners at these natural deposits, and under terms of employment that they are no less than inhumane. Read More »

The Significance of the Diamond's Certificate

When it comes to choosing jewelry with a diamond in it, whether it is an engagement ring or a gold ring with a diamond embedded in it, we are dealing with much more than an emotional choice. The reason for this is because diamonds are a financial asset that its value is well preserved, and it is important that you will choose a diamond of a high quality that will suit your budget. Read More »

The Importance of GIA Certified Diamonds

Buying diamonds online or from a local retailer shouldn't be taken lightly. They can be very expensive and you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth. This is where GIA certification comes in, both in online purchases and at jewelry stores. What is GIA? Read More »
How Are Diamonds Mined ?

How Are Diamonds Mined?

A diamond is made out of highly organized carbon and is one of the hardest substance found in nature. For a diamond to be created naturally, extremely high temperature and pressure is required. Geologists believe that the process involves deeply buried carbon which is heated to around 1200 degrees Celsius. The heated carbon is then put under immense pressure of approximately 320,000 kilograms per square inch and is then quickly pushed up towards the surface of the earth to cool by a volcanic eruption. Diamond Mining Read More »
wedding jewellery

My Wedding Jewellery

A woman who has experienced nuptial bliss knows the scenario. Everything is set, invitations, wedding planner,dress, hairdresser and even the colour of the fingernails.Just one question left before we run, "what jewelleryshould I wear?"   Read More »
diamonds types comparisons

Diamonds Types Comparisons

Compare one ounce of gold with another ounce of gold; you will not see any difference assuming they are of the same shape and size. This makes gold a commodity. To prove the old argument about whether a diamond is a commodity or a gemstone, just compare two stones of the same category. Everyone knows that stones are graded by using the 4C’s; colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. Read More »
Diamonds is a Unique mineral

Diamond is a unique mineral

How to Buy Diamonds If you ask how buying a car differs from buying a diamond, the answer is found in how we make the choice. Cars come in any style, colour and price as do diamonds and most people become motor engineers and profess to know about the intricacies of the motor industry when purchasing a car. Yet when it comes to buying a diamond, the male pretence vanishes and he is willing to resign his virility in deference to the shop assistant even in full view of his female partner. Read More »
1 carat diamonds

Important Facts About 1 Carat Diamonds

While a 1-carat diamond may sound like something small to you, any jeweler will tell you that there are many things you can do with it. How big is a 1-Carat Diamond? First, let us understand how big a 1-carat diamond really is. A diamond's carat is essentially its weight. 1 carat is 200 milligrams, which sounds tiny but it is actually bigger than it sounds. The actual size will differ depending on its shape and cut. Here are the approximate sizes for the different shapes: Read More »
Four Facts that Prove Israeli Diamonds are Better

Four Facts that Prove Israeli Diamonds are Better

Diamonds can easily be purchased online these days, especially with the highly secure   websites that various international diamond exchanges make available to buyers. Even so,   how do you choose the right provider and diamond exchange? You may be surprised to learn   Read More »

How A Diamond Color Effect On It's Value

Diamond Color Chart If you will ask your friends what the color of a diamond is, most people would say it is white. Read More »
4 C's of Loose Diamonds

4 C's of Loose Diamonds

How to C​hoose Loose Diamonds A diamond is like a house, there are palaces, mansions and cottages but they are all considered to be your home. So too a diamond is the expression of your heart but they also come in any size, shape, colour or quality you can imagine. Read More »

9 Most popular diamonds shapes

The Various Diamonds Shapes Read More »

Diamonds Investment Guide

After the subprime disaster and with economic uncertainty, investors are looking for low-volatility investments. Diamonds are less volatile, as they are resistant to speculation by the financial community, so there are no derivatives or tradeable products and no short selling is possible. Read More »

Diamond Jewelry

Our Diamond Jewelry Service In the recent years, we have gathered extensive experience in selecting diamond jewelry. We work alongside trusted Israeli jewelers who create quality gold and platinum jewelry for us at wholesale minimal prices. Jewelry History Read More »

Israeli Diamonds

The Benefits of Buying Israeli Diamonds Read More »

Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are those created or grown in a laboratory by a crystal growth process, atom by atom. The term usually means imitation, artificial or fake but in this case the content of the stones produced are made from pure carbon as are natural geologically formed diamonds. There are two main methods employed, one is a physical process known as HPHT, using high pressure and temperature and the other is a chemical method known as CVD (chemical vapor deposition) using a hydrocarbon gas mixture. Read More »

Diamond History

Cecil Rhodes, the famous British colonist realised upon the discovery of a large South African mine that the diamond business needed to be consolidated which he promptly did by controlling the mining of diamonds. This led to the foundation of the De Beers Company; the name De Beers taken from two brothers who owned the farm on which the Kimberley mines were discovered. The brothers are long forgotten but the name De Beer lives on as one of the world’s biggest and well-known companies, still controlling the majority of the diamond market. Read More »
Looking for diamonds

Diamond Mining and Sources

Diamonds are stunning, mysterious and rare. They reach us after a long journey starting deep down in the earth as carbon put under enormous pressure and temperature. Molten rock called magma carry them to the surface and they are found within tubes or pipes as they are known of volcanic rock, in this instance named kimberlite. Sometimes these are worn away by weathering and the diamonds will reappear within alluvial deposits at times a great distance from their original source. Read More »

Manufacturing and Cutting

Once mined, rough diamonds are sorted into industrial diamonds or those of gem quality. Those of gem quality are classified into groups based on size, shape, quality and color. Every diamond has some unique feature so as no two diamonds are the same. Read More »

Diamond Types and Grades

Cut: The art of polishing a diamond is to maximize its brilliance and fire (dispersion). A diamond that is cut too deep or too shallow will be less brilliant and ultimately, less valuable. The cut is the only factor of a polished diamond's value that is controlled by human hands. Colour: The smallest variation in colour makes a difference. Colourless diamonds are the most admired, but diamonds are found in all colours of the rainbow. The rarer the colour, the more valuable is the diamond. Read More »
Kohinor Diamond

Marketing and Famous Stones

Some of the most celebrated diamonds include: The Cullinan: Found in South Africa in 1905, it was the world's largest gem-quality diamond, weighing 3,105 carats uncut. The Tiffany: Discovered in the Kimberley Mine around 1877, this 287.42-carat diamond was turned into a 128.54-carat yellow cushion cut with 90 facets. Read More »

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