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Purchasing wholesale diamonds requires that you have at least some basic knowledge of diamond cuts, colors, shapes, certifications and grading scales, among other things. Today, buying diamonds is not as complicated, lengthy and far-fetched as it used to be and many people choose to buy privately directly from wholesale providers instead of turning to retailers, essentially cutting out the middle man.

Wholesale vs. Retail

In short, retailers buy from wholesale providers. This means that they buy the product cheaper than what they send to the consumer As such, retail is almost always more expensive than wholesale. Another difference many wholesalers insist upon is the quantity. Many wholesalers only sell above a minimum amount, allowing them to sell in bulk to individuals and businesses at a reduced price. Some wholesale providers will, on occasion, agree to sell in very small quantities, although in most of these cases buyers simply buy retail.

Advantages of Purchasing from Wholesale Diamond Providers

The three major advantages of purchasing from wholesale providers:

1. The first is the priceBuy purchasing directly from the source, you are eliminating the middle man, which significantly reduces the price. In addition, purchasing in bulk and working exclusively with one provider will often grant you significant discounts on your purchase.

2. Availability is a game changer for most businesses and it is why wholesale providers in nearly all industries take every measure to provide their product in a timely fashion and be able to deliver when urgent orders are made. Many private individuals urgently seeking diamonds will prefer to buy from wholesale providers to ensure they aren't "out of stock", which often happens with retailers.

3. When it comes to wholesale providers, it is fairly easy to see who the trustworthy ones are based on their history, certifications, and who their clients are. For example, wholesale providers that work with a number of different diamond bourses worldwide will have the proper certification and will be reliable and trustworthy. With retailers, you must rely only on reviews and your own experience while wholesale providers are easily authenticated by facts.

How to Purchase Wholesale Diamonds

If you know you need to purchase wholesale diamonds, you'll need a wholesale provider you can rely on. Most diamond buyers prefer to have only one wholesale provider whom they work with exclusively. This has many advantages, mainly creating a strong and stable relationship that both sides can benefit from. Finding wholesale buyers, however, is not an easy task and is not as simple as searching online as with other industries. A reliable and trustworthy provider is a must for any private individual interested in getting their money's worth in diamonds.

Finding the Right Wholesale Diamond Provider

A wholesale provider must be reliable and trustworthy, and must emphasize the three major advantages listed above. This includes providing authentic certification, selling at great prices and being available for urgent purchases, scheduled purchases and to resolve any issues should they arise.

Moti Israeli Diamonds answers all of these requirements and more, by providing high quality, certified products at wholesale prices under the requirements of the Israel Diamond Bourse and other European Bourses, including Antwerp, Belgium.

With over forty years of experience in the industry, Moti Israeli Diamonds is one of the most reputable wholesale diamond providers and diamond consultants in the industry, providing consulting services and wholesale diamonds to retailers, investors, buyers and vendors.

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